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Stars Talent Hunt has been recognized as the #1 resource for the performers and talent seekers by helping them in finding work and carrying their projects forward. We are a leading platform of auditions and jobs for numerous actors, models, crew, dancers, stylists, musicians and everyone who want to pursue this as their career.

Stars Talent Hunt has the powerful and dense network of entertainment professionals who deal with our submissions, casting, performances and roles or any other casting service. We are here to support the real talent without a starry background in surpassing all entry barriers to make their way straight to the destined level. Get on your toes to reach the sky so high!!!

About - Stars Talent Hunt


Benefits from our experiences

"For all startup performers, career tips and guidelines, necessary advice and experience sharing from industry experts could play a very crucial role in establishing their careers which we at Stars Talent Hunt keeps in mind. "

About - Stars Talent Hunt


Why Stars Talent Hunt ?

Post your best performance as video clips, previous audition clips and profile to get closer to your dreams.

Fostering a rich platform

Stars Talent Hunt has been successful in fostering the talent of performers in every form and helping them to let their dreams come true.

Hassle-Free Platform

Our digital creative platform provides a hassle-free and cost-effective way to showcase your talent for entry to the entertainment industry.

Reliable Portal

With our reliable portal, one can easily upload their profiles, projects, portfolios and auditions clips, etc to fall into the eyes of filmmakers looking for real talent.

Secured Privacy

We also take care of your privacy and thus both processing and preserving your information is our responsibility.


Top-notch Talents

Matching the right performer with the right opportunity is more important for us as it helps in determining success. With over lakhs of performers submitting to projects, every day doesn't make the work easy. Thus, for casting crews, we provide the list of best performers as per the requirements.

About - Stars Talent Hunt
About - Stars Talent Hunt


#1 platform

Our robust platform for tailored actors or performers allows them to nurture their careers in films, TV, modeling, commercials and a lot more mediums. Our valuable members can take full advantage of numerous applications, numerous media uploads or numerous jobs available on Stars Talent Hunt.